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Thong Lor Takeover @ Speakerbox

Thong Lor Takeover @ Speakerbox

Three awesome bands are taking over Speakerbox in Thong Lor for a special night.

From Deathcore stalwarts Dreams of Mad Children, anthem punk rock from Stay Awake and metal heads Of Victims and Prey.

💲 200 Baht entry (75 tickets on door)
🔈 Free merch from Preduce Skatestore
Get ready for the takeover!
📌 Speakerbox Thonglor 8.30pm – 12am
🪶 Ages 20+ only
💊 If you’re sick, stay home!



Dreams of Mad Children is a Deathcore band originated in Salaya, Nakhonpathom,
Thailand, 2012.

DOMC was created by a group of Mahidol University students that came together pretty much for a music school project. The band saw great chemistry and took the opportunity to take things further producing an album Massacre of The Oligarchs. The lyrics mainly revolves around the brutal, unforgiving, and extreme metaphors in opposition to
oppression, deception, corruption, and control, giving out the sounds of the early and golden days deathcore. Things started moving fast for the band.
DOMC marked the rise of the Thai death metal/hardcore scene playing and touring with the likes of Suicide Silence, The Black Dahlia Murder, Born of Osiris, As Blood Runs Black, Upon A Burning Body, and more.

Even now with the one and only album available and cycled throughout the years, DOMC’s live performances are absolutely unique and phenomenal with the frontman leading an extremely strong, energetic, and ultra-brutal spectacle, while other instruments bring out the technical yet brutal base the deathcore vibe has to offer, hence the name “King of Deathcore” stuck between the Thai fans.
The New Single Called “X”

The song regarding someone or some people who seek power, fame, wealth, influences, and they are very self-determined, but when these people reach the top, they realize they
have lost everything else.

Striving to gain everything, but u end up losing everything.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rzgyZ7qk-4


Social Media:



Formed in 2018, Stay Awake is the product of four expatriates living in Bangkok, Thailand. The experienced four-piece hail from all corners of the globe, mixing various punk, rock and metal influences to produce hard hitting music in the vein of Rise Against, Strike Anywhere and Bad Religion, with the melodic sophistication and songwriting of greats like Hot Water Music and Boysetsfire.

“Melodic hardcore band Stay Awake come storming outta the streets of Bangkok and we have been watching this band’s star just continue to grow and shine ever since they burst into our lives. Melodic hardcore this good, should be shared with the entire world.” – Unite Asia, 2021

Stay Awake has led a busy tour schedule pre-lockdown, including two tours of Philippines and a week long trek in Japan in 2020 supporting veterans Useless ID and Satanic Surfers. Their sophomore EP ‘Portraits’ has gained them international recognition, with over 300k Spotify streams and single ‘Brave New Normal’ setting a new standard for the band.



https://youtu.be/O9G9PN1WtqE (‘Brave New Normal’ Official music video)

https://youtu.be/fzySYLHv8ho (‘Inroads’ official audio)

(P O R T R A I T S on Spotify)

(P O R T R A I T S on Apple Music)


https://youtu.be/lqsmexzjp2I(‘One Stone Away’ official music video)


Of Victims And Prey is a Metallic-Hardcore Metal band founded in 2018. With original members from Thailand, USA and the UK. It was our drummer’s idea Tow that started the band with influences coming from old-school hardcore bands such as Vision Of Disorder, Earth Crisis, Suicidal Tendencies, Biohazard etc. But the band leaned on towards a more metallic style with Aek our guitarist addition to the band. Anthony our other guitarist came in a bit later and infused his djent and metalcore influences and to add to our original line up our bassist Andy who was into trip hop and other stuff. Dan our vocalist is heavily influenced in hardcore music and thus the creation of a collective of different musical styles, a band called Of Victims And Prey.

Upon formation The band wasted no time and started working in creating original music and focused on releasing an EP right away. Along the way, the band played in countless shows and music festivals, most noticibly Paradisefest, Bangkok Metal Fest, Thai Japan Music Festival, Kodindy, and other local shows in and out of Bangkok to name a few. After the EP release the band had also released 2 singles namely “Leaders of Ghosts” which is about corrupt politicians and “Modern Days” which was about the peoples sufferage due to global markets collapse and the rampant red tape in goverments.

OVAP continued on playing shows after shows and was invited to play “KUCK Fest” alongside Bomb At Track in Khonkaen, Thailand. COVID restrictions became tighter but that didn’t stop the band from writing and practicing. Anthony who was deployed to serve in the middle east remained as OVAP’s producer and guitarist and continues to work remotely writing new material for the band.

Of Victims And Prey continues to write music and is working on releasing an EP or even a full album at the end of the year.

4 years had passed and the motivation and desire is still strong.

https://youtu.be/Dv4obhxovic (Nothing But Chaos – Official Music Video)

https://youtu.be/kSET6PQyGjo (Modern Days – Official Music Video)