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PHI TA KON Fest @ Bangkok Island (docked)

PHI TA KON Fest @ Bangkok Island (docked)

From Loei To the World ! Phi Ta Kon The Ghost Festival is a unique event happening once a year in Loei, a small province In Thailand on the Mekong River. The tradition says it is the time the ghost come back to visit the Humans : but because its Thailand the celebration are very fun with lots of percussion and Molarm. Bangkok island will be the only place to celebrate Phi Ta Kon in Bangkok !

Last year we did already our first version of Phi Ta Kon : with a selection of world music, drums and Electro. The Event was sold out !

This year will be having some Molarm DJs playing Vinyls, Live Percussion Band playing Thai Long Drums and dances, as well as some Afro Beat/ Afro House to dance it out ! The mighty Phi Ta Kon festival will be happening in the Loei province early July. The team at Bangkok Island is proud to offer you the Phi Ta Kon festival right in the heart of Bangkok.

The origins of this part of the festival are traditionally ascribed to a story of the Vessantara Jataka in which the Buddha in one of his past lives as a prince made a long journey and was presumed dead. The celebrations on his return were so raucous as to wake the dead! 👻


👺 Traditional masks & costumes
👺 Dancers & percussionists
👺 DJ Kanehbos for Molam music to electro
👺 DJ Mizuyo groovin’ behind the decks
👺 Fire shows
🍻 Special prices on Singha pitchers


5 pm – doors open
7 pm – first shows

Full program details soon.


🟡 This event is supported by Singha!


🎟 Online: 200 THB (incl.1 drink)

🎟 At the door: 250 THB

–> Credit card and Scan QR : https://bit.ly/Phitakon


–> Transfer to SCB 186-230879-7 and send us your transfer slip, name and phone number on our Facebook page.

⚠️ Due to landlord dispute, PHI TA KON 2022 @ Bangkok Island has been postponed from Sat 2 July to Sat 6 August.

1. You can keep your ticket for the postponed event, we will give you the difference at the door..

2. You can ask for refund by contacting us here :
– bangkokislands@gmail.com
– +66 88 022 0666
– Facebook page @bangkokisland
– Instagram page @bangkokisland
– Line official : @bangkokisland




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