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LOUD @Mustache

LOUD @Mustache

LOUD Bkk is coming home …. we all know what that means !!!!
Edgy wild unique music only, and this time were going live with CHALO for an amazing techno live set & LOUD resident RUI TANG supported by ABNER .

8pm till 2 am
300thb including 1 drink


Chalo is a Bangkok based breakbeat / techno producer and live performer who has an exquisite ear for sound quality and all things audio. Working as a mastering engineer and producer within the music industry for ages has given him some fantastic skills which are applied throughout all of his productions.His productions are a real representation of superbly crafted sound, and intricate techno infused beats.

👉Rui Tang :
Born and bred in the highlands of the Tibetan mountains comes Rui Tang, a stylish musical character who is well known in the underground scenes of Bangkok and Koh Phangan.
Rui’s musical style showcases her traditional roots along with the unique sounds of world music that she was introduced to when she moved to Thailand eight years ago.
Hit with this amazingly unique sensory overload, Rui discovered techno in Bangkok’s underground clubs, a genre that made her ears feel right at home and energized her love for electronic music and to become a DJ.
Today, Rui has a deep passion for spinning many types of electronic music, including techno, downtempo & organic house, indie dance & acid house, disco, house and minimal, and has also started producing her own tunes.
Over the years, she has brought her unique sounds to dance floors all across Thailand, including the Emperor’s Secret, Saferoom, Mustache, VHS Club, Never Normal BKK, Bangkok Island, 12×12 Bar, Lost Paradise, Samsara Beach Club, Trust the Process Festival, Why Nam beach, Taidin Garden Festival, Dirty Rabbit Festival, Fly to the Moon Festival, Back 2 The Groove Festival, Unarhan Festival, Retro Mountain Koh Phangan, Moon Rock, Three-sixty Bar, MIR, IVE Lounge, Bluerama, Alpha Bar, Sabaii Bay Beach Club, Barcelona Bar and more.

👉Abner :
Abner Olivieri is one of Bangkok’s newest DJs, but brings a love for music that has seen involved in Bangkok’s music scene for over 9 years, hitting dance floors for over 7 years, and DJing casually with friends for over 2 years.
Passionate and crowd focused, Abner’s goal is always to ensure the audience have a wonderful time, and he’s ready to use a wide range of genres to do so, believing it’s all about playing the right genres at the right times, with a wide range of music from house to techno, and everything in between, filling his sets. Expect swelling instrumentals and vocals, balanced by powerful builds and drops, all with the goal of creating experiences where music brings people together.
With influences from a wide range of local and international DJs, but also the best dance floors in Thailand, from Bangkok to Phangan, Abner is ready to bring something special for any situation.