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Still ‘high’ off the success of our last event, we figured it’s time to plan the next round of Herbivore, but this time, we are upping the ante!

Join us for ‘Herbivore’ on the 22nd of October 2022, 4PM – 8 PM. A Siri House sponsored event. An afternoon focused around up-and-coming cannabis growers; Farenhigh. Online purveyors, Bloom, curating our workshops and providing some CBD-focused products, as well as Kacha and Broccoli Reserve adding on to the overall platform.

This session’s live act is HYBS (https://www.instagram.com/hybsband/), a Thai indie duo that has gained recognition and notoriety for their upbeat, mellow vibes guaranteed to tingle your synapses.

Back on the roster, Naturalista (@naturalistawines) and Kacha, is putting together a wine-paired package that marries terpene profile to wine profile. Ever sipped on vape? Join us there and experience it. 420 THB for the early-bird tickets; includes a surprise giveaway sponsored by Rabbuds and Bloom!

Bloom Workshops

BLOOM (https://www.instagram.com/bloom.asia/) – Educating on Cannabis for Health and Wellness Talk – The in’s and out’s of using cannabis in other ways than smoking. A 15 min talk on various CBD products found on Bloom and how they can be used for health and wellness.

Discussing the benefits of CBD oils in general, differences between full-spectrum & isolate, and how to utilize it to its fullest potential. This is also the only time Bloom testers will be available for ALL products (this isn’t usually available) and invite the audience to try any product they are interested in, along with a 15% discount during the entirety of the event.

What you get: A workshop run by Bloom staff Bloom goodie bag + discount coupon

Cost: FREE (Limited Pax)

Chanabis Workshops

Chanabis (https://www.instagram.com/chanabis.tea/), cannabis tea workshop – make your own blend of cannabis teas and discover how to use terpenes and flavor profiles for the effects and aroma.

What you get: A workshop run by the CEO of Chanabis, 3 self-made teas to take home 1 tea tasting from the tea crafted.

Cost: 1000 Baht per a head / 1 rounds. / 5 Pax per a round.

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