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Halloween POOL PARTY (Techno & Progressive Vibes) by Rave Times TH

Halloween POOL PARTY (Techno & Progressive Vibes) by Rave Times TH

🖤 120bpm ————to———-> 140bpm 👽

🎃DIVERSIFY @ VHS Club – Halloween 👻
Official Rave Times Poolnparty-After Party

The ultimate Rave experience, exclusively at VHS nightclub

✅ International DJ Line up 🎧 ⭐️
✅ Massive Sound system 🔊 🗯
✅ Impressive light show ⚡️ 🌈
✅ Fair drink prices 🍻 ⬇️
✅ Dancefloor without tables 💃🕺
✅ Energetic music 🎶 🤩

🚨 Get your pre sale ticket for only 200 THB
🎟 Door ticket sale THB 300


🎃Holiday Inn Sukhumvit – POOL PARTY🏝
🖤Techno & Progressive Vibes 👻
🗓 Saturday, 29th Oct. , 03pm-10pm 🎫

Get your combo ticket here:


Rave Times TH: DJ line-up:

🎶 Techno – Future Rave – Progressive Psy 🕉
Rave Times TH: DJ line-up:

🕺 DREXEL JR..: 9pm-11pm
Xxx (Melodic Techno / Techno ) xxX

🦊 FOX LITTLE BEAT: 11pm-12am
Xxx (Future Rave /Peak Time Techno) xxX

🎩 ELEVEN TIMES: 12am-01am
Xxx (Progressive (Psy) Trance) xxX

👽 PUFFER P: 01am-late (as late as possible!!!)
Xxx (Mainstage Psy Trance) xxX

Rave Times is very proud to announce our next event:


📍 Staged at one of Bangkok’s newest and most captivating venues, VHS (Sukhumvit Soi 13-15), prepare yourselves for a treat!

🎵 A melodic journey across genres, from house and techno, towards future rave and progressive psy trance, the energy will increase, the dancefloor will pulsate, and we promise you an absolute banger of a night!

☝🏻 Unique? Sure!
🤔 Intriguing? Very!

So shed those unwanted labels, climb out of that box – who needs categorising anyway?

👾 It’s time to DIVERSIFY!


What is Rave Times TH? 🤔

For more than two years, Rave Times has been bringing you some of the freshest and most exhilarating electronic music events around Thailand, from yacht cruises to pool parties, charity fundraisers, and more.

During this time we have received many compliments for delivering authentic spectacles, with no pretence. We thank you for this feedback.

We believe in loving music, and that different genres each have their appeal. The best tunes in various styles is everything being showcased on the 29th- come join us! 🖤


Our DJs 🥰

Our Filipino phenomenon continues to uphold his reputation for being a real talent behind the mixing wheels. He presents a progressive/melodic exhibition to ensure you keep those feet moving. Please be warned though, his passion for the music he loves is infectious, and there is no vaccine!

The wily Fox has been experimenting with a new sound recently, and he is excited to now share the result of that with you. Future rave is one of the freshest sub-genres in the EDM scene – a turbocharged cross between big room and trance: there’s certainly plenty for us to like! He’s going to be bouncing between these ground shaking tones and some peak time techno – we recommend you bring very sturdy dancing shoes for this one!

Fired up and ready to party as always, the Rave Times frontman will stop at nothing to get you dancing! Driving beats and high-speed change-overs underpin his inimitable style; nobody can question his determination to deliver top-quality, dopamine-releasing, musical spectacles, on every appearance!

And finally, Rave Times feels very privileged to welcome Bangkok’s undisputed Queen of Psy Trance to provide the perfect closing set for our diversified musical journey. She associates only with fast-paced, energetic music, and we are absolutely sure this will bring the night to a feet-stomping conclusion!

As ever, we look forward to raving with you, and we hope you enjoy!

Contact us:
📞 ENG: +66 6-4468-3327 (WhatsApp)
📞 THAI: 06-3515-9429 (WhatsApp)
💬 LINE: https://line.me/ti/p/FMrCa7WyxK
📱 IG: @RaveTimesTH
ℹ️ Facebook: Rave Times TH